Thursday, September 17, 2009

Completist collecting.

I have the five-disc blu-ray edition of Blade Runner.  It's important to me that I have this edition, yet I only ever watch the main new cut -- one disc of five.  Why do I need the five?  I like the movie a lot, maybe even love it, but I'm not maniacal about it...
I think the key, though, is feeling that some day I might reach the level of mania.  I will need all that information in that moment, and I will have it.
Inspiration fleets by like a breeze, and enthusiasm without fast fuel often sputters.  It's not unimaginable that some day I might be taken by the need to go into Blade Runner really deeply, and anatomize it as I've done with previous hobby horses.  It's great fun to be in the throes of these romances... And I've also seen many doors ajar that closed due to delays in procuring that key object of desire.
If this happens to me with Blade Runner, I'm prepared now -- I've got that one covered.  And this is a comfort to me.

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