Saturday, December 12, 2009

Before noon on a weekend. Is this normal?

Thanks to a friend texting me for breakfast, and then having to cancel, the day stretches out before me.  Do I go out and do some holiday shopping, or get presents for all the incoming babies (five in my social circle between early November and March)?  Do I prepare material for my next week of work?  Shovel my walk?  Get some packages ready to mail?  Clean the kitchen?  Get some groceries?  Pick up a proper winter coat?  Do some outdoor photography of the freshly-snowy streets, or maybe head down to Habitat to take those pics I promised someone?

Or do I go back to bed for two hours, order a pizza, and play videogames all day?

Compromise:  nap for 30 minutes, install myself at Shaika, and spend the whole day drinking coffee and writing.  Enjoyable, social, constructive, doesn't require cleaning anything.

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