Saturday, June 26, 2010

For Sale: Greatest Hits of the 80s

I hear them in restaurants, in stores, from passing cars... The songs are too familiar, too reminiscent of a time that doesn’t exist anymore.  Retro is evil.

I once heard Sweet Dreams, West End Girls, Whip It, etc., in a way that made me feel like a door was opening onto a new potential future of exciting and unexpected sounds, like Doe Deer has done recently.

But now it’s the equivalent of buying a lava lamp at Urban Outfitters.  It got old, its teeth got dull, its legs got tired and slow, it’s no longer a threat to anything.

If music can’t be new anymore, at least it can be dangerous for a little while before it’s absorbed by the Borg.  Or not; I’m sure Crystal Castles are probably already being used to sell RRSPs somewhere or other.

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